In the book: 32 Ways to Become a Great Sunday School Teacher, by Delia Halverson, we begin (ch. 1) at “Ages and Stages.”  She provides some useful info about not only developmental stages of children but also generational differences among adults.  Then she asks us to read 2 Bible verses.  When I read the first, Mark 7:1-13 I thought of the saying:  “You can’t put new wine into old wineskins.”  Or perhaps, you can’t use old ways of teaching with new generations of humans?  Do you agree – and if so – what are some ways we can pass on the “Christian Story” in ways that are meaningful to kids today?


One Response to “Sunday School Teachers”

  1. Kristin McLaren Says:

    I liked the info about the developmental stages.

    Do you think the main point in the verse you refer to is to suggest we move away from rigid structures in the classroom (an old-fashioned approach) to something a little more unstructured, or “organic” maybe?

    The Matthew excerpt (15:21-29) struck a chord with me since Beryl preached on it not too long ago. (I actually got to hear the sermon!) It helped to remind me that the student can also teach the teacher, and often we have something to learn from our students.

    BTW, it took me a couple tries to find this page. First I looked under “Sunday School Teachers” under “Categories” but only found archives. Not sure if it’s only me who had a bit of trouble…

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